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"Out of Our Minds"

So...most of another year went by and *poof*, a fine cut of the film (perhaps part 1 of something longer) is almost on its way out to public venues...Stay tuned!


Tour de Rants, Update #2

So...a year went by and *poof*, lots of thoughts have been shared by some generous folks. Need to take some time to get down to editing, but here's a look at the actual route so far:

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Tour de Rants, Update #1

I've been in touch with a few interviewees, and have for now a very tentative route (subject to gas-price-and-other-chaotic-factor-induced changes) to be traveled ~early August 2010:

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Tour de Rants (for lack of a better name), Summer of 2010

This summer, I'm planning to interview professors and students from around the U.S. and Canada for two upcoming projects:

- One a look at "now versus then versus later" in comparative cognition research.

- The other a how to survive & thrive [or not] in academia.

Please share your thoughts if you or someone you know is interested in participating!