-National Audubon Society
(some states also fund separate Audubon organizations)
-The Raptor Trust

birds & brains
-Irene Pepperberg & Alex the African Grey Parrot
-Nicola Clayton & Nathan Emery (papers on rational animals)
-Bernd Heinrich (read his books)
-Louis LeFebvre (philomuhsophical dude with ideas)
-Sara Shettleworth wrote a good book on cognition...
-Marc Bekoff explains Cognitive Ethology
-Pierro Scaruffi outlines a Cognitive Ethology reader

cognition labs, groups, and info
-UNL Avian Cognition Lab (studies & articles)
-University of Cambridge Animal Behavior
-Konrad Lorenz Institute
-Cephalopod Page pays hommage to the Octopus
-Corvid "minds"?

assorted articles & sites
-Corvid "minds" article (again because it's worth reading)
-Evolution v. Creation debate continues...perhaps forever
-Animal videos & sounds if you ever need them.
-Language/mind-y chunks from
-Consciousness and Mind from
pierro scaruffi
-Sociobiology & Evolutionary Psychology
-Against and For Sociobiology back in the day
-In her book, Ullica Segerstrale gets at science and "truth"
-Linguist/Philosopher John Searle, and...
-Evo Psychologist Steve Pinker speak on language...
-in the New York Review of Books. (some good science stuff)
-Philosophy of Science (also see the chapters linked here)

blogs and reallyreallybigexpensivebooksiwishweallhad
-Book reviews fiction to science...
-Animal Cognition in Nature & review (pdf file--sorry)
-Cognition, Evolution, and Behavior (reviewish)<--affordable!
-Comparative Vertebrate Cognition (review)

sweet articles
-Public Library of Science
-CogPrints (also has articles from other areas)
-American Scientist (articles, book reviews)
-NCBI PubMed has some free full text articles


archives (with decent resolution)
-Web Gallery of Art (get your Goyen fix)

-carl sams & jean stoick (good nature)
-russian photographers. lend them a hand.

wicked artists & shiny things
-Ben Meinhardt's fluffy bunnies. heheheh
-Don Hertzfeldt
-Il Giornale Nuovo
-John Maeda runs amuck in MaedaStudio
-Max Cannon makes us cry
-Ray Troll does stylish fishes.
-sub, rarara
-eatpez (no known connection to eatpoo)
-Nate Williams (N8W)

art forums, comics, group, etc.

-eatpoo! (artists, critics, kumbayah)
-poo on art (to complete the circle of poo)
-Art Students League if you're near NY
-photo advice in rant form
-dinosaur comics tears for fears
-toothpastefordinner...self explanatory?
-Bob the Angry Flower ...^
-Thrilled online comic repository. ra.
-SeaLab 2021 is so very sick.

freeware, artware (there's even "worshipware")

music & missed musicians
Elliott Smith
The Wrens
Die Ärzte
Okkervil River
Johnny Cash
The Octopus Project
Paolo Conte
Toten Hosen

geetar resources
elliott smith is a musician's friend
growing back your ears
tapeOp magazine




it's been grand... now git

unless you want to tell me somthin's broke.



-Physical Language Workshop
-Semir Zeki on Creativity and the Brain
-List of Articles on Arts-Science Ed
-Art & Science Collaborations
-Scientific Visualization
-Scientific Illustration
-Science Illustration listserv


-poignant. eventually.
-Arts & Letters Daily
-American Scientist
-Raven's Brew Coffee
-Shades of "shade grown" (Be Bird Friendly)
-the pick-me-up's you sometimes need

-pick-me-up's you don't need. really.

-Cinnamon Liquer
-Cinnamon for life...